An Historical Event

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After spending a couple of days in the remote village of Lubanje, we knew there was a chance we could experience history in the making.

The village had recently passed World Vision‘s accountability and sustainability test. This meant they were ready to assume the responsibility of a clean water hand pump, but first a drilling rig had to hit water.

Karen, Jenna and the residents of Lubanje celebrate the discovery of clean, fresh water for their village.

Karen, Jenna and the residents of Lubanje celebrate the discovery of clean, fresh water for their village.

When we arrived at the drilling site, villagers were already waiting in anticipation. I was feeling quite anxious because drilling success was not a guarantee, and I dreaded the possibility of failure. This is really a matter of life and death and these people desperately needed a break. But, I took comfort knowing that 80 percent of World Vision site selections are successful on the first try.

As we waited hour after hour in the hot African sun, I could see the drilling crew becoming more optimistic … until, some seven hours into the effort, it happened!

Suddenly, water started spraying from the ground. The village erupted in celebration. Jennifer and I quickly joined in, dancing and singing with the villagers. The feeling of being sprayed with the brown water gushing from the earth was pure joy.

As we listened to the children’s song, the interpreter told us they were singing: “This is ours!” It was hard to contain the tears as the reality sank into my head and heart: “Because of this water, the children dancing in front of me today have a greater chance of living tomorrow.”

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  1. Bravo!!! This is what it’s all about.

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