It’s All About The People

Click to DonateWhile this trip has resulted in a deep love for Africa and its people, I also have gained an incredible respect and affection for the Zambian World Vision field staff and our U.S. World Vision guides.

After being on the front lines visiting the poorest of the poor, I have seen World Vision in action. I realized that all the research I had done on World Vision, prior to my trip, did not even come close to conveying the effectiveness of the organization. It is a well-oiled machine with business practices that demand accountability and results for sustainability.

World Vision Zambia staff with Christine Connolly Bell, Karen James, Jennifer Smith, and Cheryl Jereczek

Left to right: Christine Connolly Bell, Karen James, Jennifer Smith, Musonda Chibamba, Angela Kalambo, Cheryl Jereczek, and John Matongo.

But this is not the real reason for its success in changing lives, it’s the people who give 110 percent when no one is looking. I gained a wonderful insight from the two U.S. World Vision staff members who traveled with us, Christine Connolly Bell and Cheryl Jereczek. One night over dinner I asked Cheryl, “So tell me what makes you tick. Why do you give up the comforts of home, take reduced pay and make so many sacrifices for people you don’t know?”

Cheryl, the ultimate professional and former telecom executive, looked away and her eyes welled up with tears. She apologized for her reaction and said, “Sorry, I didn’t expect to get so emotional with that question. This is just what I am called to do.”

I thank God that there are people in this world who will go where no one else wants to venture, serving the most vulnerable and neglected. The world is truly a better place for it.

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  1. …and thank YOU, Karen, for always giving 110% as well.

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